Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stupid Cable Company

It's been awhile since my last post. There's not much going on here because school is taking priority right now. I officially made the deans list again. I have one more week of clinicals and then I will be able to get back to work on the dining room and bathroom restoration/remodel....the dining room is a restoration, bathroom a remodel. Classes start again in the middle of August, so I have to get most of it done before then or it won't be done for another year.

We got home Thursday and there were two green pipes sticking up in our yard, and there was spray paint all over the grass and deep ruts all over the side yard. We were a little confused about what was going on so I asked the neighbor. She hadn't seen anything because she hadn't been home. But she did say that our local cable company is going to be burying their cable line so that's probably what it's for. So Friday I tried calling the cable company and I got a whole lot of answers I didn't like such as "we may be burying lines, but if you don't have cable we don't have to tell you" and "we don't have to notify you that we're going to be using your property for our use if you are not a cable customer." All this did was irritate me even more, so I went into the local store and talked to a receptionist. Actually I kind of yelled and bitched a little bit at a receptionist. She took it well, and apologized, then took my name and number and a supervisor will be calling me Monday. I can't wait. If they don't fix what they did and compensate for it somehow, I will be contacting some one with a little more authority to find out what to do. Hopefully it's all resolved tomorrow.