Monday, March 31, 2008

Missing Dog Found...And Gone Again

I just saw our missing dog!! The one thats been missing for a few months...I actually saw her!! That makes me so happy cause now I know she's still around. and apparently someone has been taking care of her because she looked really healthy and she was running with another dog. Unfortunately, I didn't catch her. I do think that she wants to come here because when I saw her the first time she was looking at her doghouse, and she was still looking at it when she was running with the other dog back into the woods. So now I'm watching for her...and between Cledus and Clementine they'll let me know if she comes back again.

In other news I talked to the oral surgeons office a little bit ago and they said I will be able to drive myself home tomorrow, so at least thats good news.

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Sandy said...

I hope all goes well tomorrow. It's good that you will be able to drive.