Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What We've Been Doing

So in the few years since I have posted a lot has happened! Here's a quick rundown of house related things that have been done...

-buiilt an office in the second bedroom (split 1 huge room into 2 smaller rooms
-some painting
-new fridge (French door stainless steel!)
-replaced main electrical to house from pole due to storm damage ripping the old out
-new theater style couch
-replaced toilet
-new rug in living room
-changed all light bulbs to CFL
-Some other odd electrical work
-filled some gaps and cracks in laundry room walls
-other odd things 

And that's really it. Not a lot, but that's changing quickly. I've started tearing out the kitchen floor, the rest of the kitchen will begin once that's done, and our HVAC duct work is getting cleaned out in a couple of weeks.

Up next: the kitchen. And I promise pictures!


manoj katz said...

Looking forward for the pics. Its nice to know that things are moving good and organized at your end.

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