Saturday, July 28, 2007

A little history...

I call this blog "our mystery house" for many reasons. Our house is a big mystery to us. There have been things happen for no reason, we have no idea when it was built, we don't know when it was remodeled in the past, but there are many things that don't fit the house at all. Check this out...a little mystery and a little history:

mystery: Our dogs won't go in to the barn. They'll go everywhere, but not into the barn.

history: The house was built by Joseph Marter and transferred by will to his wife Elizabeth in 1936

mystery: Elizabeth never resided in the house after her husbands death, she sold it immediatly and moved to Prarie St. in Vincennes.

history: Elizabeth Marter sold the residence and 50 acres of land to the Yochum family. We are the first owners not to own the entire 50 acre survey plat. We only have about 2 acres.

mystery: When the house was built. The realtor said 1910. Courthouse says 1890. 1880 plat maps show a residence where our house currently sits. Weird, huh?

history: The house was built with no bathroom! Where the bathroom is was a porch. This is evident by the porch ceiling, the siding under the formica wall (thats right, formica, like counter tops), and there was no power the wiring looks like an afterthought. And the toilet is dated 1960, which is the vibe you get in the bathroom.

mystery: The tool shed. I thought the tool shed was cute. It looks really, really, old. older than the house. It has 2 rooms and the larger room has a wooden "counter" than spans front to back (about 7 feet) and the building is about 15 feet long and about 15 feet from the house. This is a mystery because we think it may not be a tool shed. If the house was built in the 1800's then it might be a small summer kitchen. I don't know enough about these to know how to tell if it could be or not. I any one has any idea how to tell, please tell me how beacuse I have no clue.


Anonymous said...

Indoor plumbing wasn't common until the 1910's or so.

BeccaMarie said...

That could be why it was listed as built in 1910.