Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What did I do wrong?

Ok, so I found this project tracker and I thought that it'd be amusing. I have messed it up and know nothing about HTML so I have no idea how to fix it. I'm surprised I got the 2 rooms to show up. But it looks funny and I keep trying to fix it and its not working. Can any one help with this? If I don't figure it out soon I am going to just remove it.

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Aaron said...

Hi BeccaMarie - Yeah, the project tracker can be a bit tricky to use. We're considering making it more automated by integrating it in to each Houseblogs.net member's profile page and then making some sort of 'one click' method to add it to your blog sidebar. We run the site in our our spare time, though, so I'm not sure how quickly that will happen.

While I'm here--thanks for joining Houseblogs.net! I look forward to seeing your posts. :-)

- Aaron, Houseblogs.net