Saturday, April 12, 2008

I think I jinxed the weather

On Wednesday it was warm (mid-70's) and sunny. I got to open the windows for the first time this year! I looked at the thermostat to see what the temp was inside and noticed that the thermostat was set at 57...not off, but 57.

Me: Why did you set the thermostat at 57? Why not off if you're going to set it that low?
James: Thought about turning it off but left it at 57 in case we get a freak snow storm.
Me: Yeah, ok, like that's going to happen.

It's now Saturday and our high is 45 with a chance of snow tonight. And it was 57 degrees in here when I woke up. Open mouth, insert foot...I should have never made my last comment.

And now James gets to say "Told ya so"


Sandy said...

Ah, yes. Been there done that... and it is snowing here... sigh.

Jennifer said...

Ha! We got snow a few days ago. I always just leave our furnace thermostat set to it's extremely low winter temps... I figure if the house actually gets below 54 at night I want it to heat no matter the season.