Sunday, January 18, 2009

Antique Curio Cabinet Pictures

I have some pictures today. It's the cabinet I got for Christmas! (Please ignore the mess around it)

There are glass shelves that go in it and it has lights in the top that were added a few years ago. Not really sure if they're going to stay or not.

The pretty handle

Just a little bit of the antique glass that came with it. There are 3 boxes all together, and it's almost all antique and it belong to James grandma and great grandma. I haven't been through all the boxes yet, but so far I've found cobalt, green, and milk glass, and several old (1800's) medicine bottles and jars and cooking bottles (oil, seasonings, spices). I also saw some silver teapot shaped place card holders, some really old Christmas decorations, and a ton of glass ashtrays.

I'm going to stain it the same dark red-brown I used on the mirror. You can't really tell from the pictures, but it does need to be refinished...there's some wear on the corners. And it doesn't match the dark wood that we have all through the house.
I would have pictures of the garage, but it's been snowing and sleeting today on top of cold and windy. And I'm a baby so I'm not going out there. Hopefully I'll have them next time


Katie @ said...

Oh what a treasure! It'll be so fun digging through those boxes to find everything you get to display. Love that handle, too.
From Germany,

Sandy said...

The curio cabinet is lovely. How nice that is going to stay in the family. I love old treasures.