Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Pictures

We have a ton of snow here in Southern Indiana, but thankfully we're far enough north that we didn't get the 3" of ice that every one to our south got. We just have a foot of snow. We still have power and the highways are clear now.

I couldn't go to my class today though because of this...
It doesn't really look that bad from this picture, but that is a Mustang (which sits low to the ground) and that is a two foot wall of snow in the background from the plows going down the highway. James four wheel drive made it, but there is no hope for my car moving today.

This is our backyard today. And this is after the melting that happened yesterday.

James tried to move his mom's car yesterday to the part of their driveway that had been plowed. That is about 12" of solid snow and ice sitting on the hood. He didn't make it far.

This was what happened yesterday when I let Sox out. He fell through the snow (which was taller than him), made it under the truck and sat down. I don't think he liked it.
James has to shovel the driveway when he gets home today so I can get out tomorrow. That sucks for him. And the news said we're going to get another inch or so tonight. Great.
If I actually make it outside today I'll probably post more pictures later today.

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