Monday, August 10, 2009

Closet is done!!!

I actually finished last Wednesday, but I watched my little cousin Thursday and Friday so I was busy at the movies, pool, river, playing Wii and wherever else she wanted to go for those days. Anyway, back to the was a pain to get it in but we finally got it and I love it! It's designed for a closet that's 5'-8' and a standard height of at least 7'. Our closet is 6' 8" and about 6' 5' tall. I had to cut a little over 6" off the support posts, and drill new holes in the posts for the clips. I also had to eliminate a shelf since there just wasn't room for it. We also couldn't use the hanger bars so the hangers are hanging from the rack. If we used the bars the clothes would be dragging the floor which is not good. Another problem was the ends of the racks. There's supposed to be brackets mounted to the side walls, which we can't do since the chimney is on one end and the boards are so thin on the other end the screws would've gone straight though. So we took 2x4's and cut them down to the width of the closet and used wood screws to mount them to the closet frame and the shelves are sitting on the 2x4's. Yet another problem was the crumbling skim coat on the plaster. It was worth is though because I now have a ton more storage than I did and at least 3' more hanging space! I'm working on getting everything back in and figuring out how I want everything be. Once I get it all organized I'll post before and after pictures.

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