Monday, August 3, 2009

Closet System

I have decided to go against keeping our victorian closet all original. I just can't handle a single pole any more. I have been looking at closet systems for a long time but couldn't afford one. I was in WalMart Friday and saw a Closet Maid system on clearance for $40! I just let it be and figured James would never let me have it, even at that price. Well, I told him about it Saturday night and he reluctantly said I could have it!

So now I have it, the closet is empty and just cleaned. I'm waiting for the wood to dry so I can start. I'll post all the pictures later today after it's all done. Well, I should say if it's all done today, if not then it'll be tomorrow. I have to modify some things because it's for a 5'-8' closet that's a standard height. Our closet is a little over 6' (waiting for things to dry so I can measure) which is no problem. It's only about 6' tall, which is a problem, so I have to break out tools to cut the supports so it'll fit. Should be fun!

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Kristy said...

Raised in a century old home without closets, I certainly know what you are talking about.

My century-old house now doesn't have them either and I'm trying to figure out if I go the built-in type (maybe something that looks period like your armoire-style) or else just say screw it and build something else.

Can't wait to see the photos once you install the closet system.