Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hmm...more Eames chairs?

Just realized fishing season is almost here and so I'm wondering if the place on 15th street will be throwing more Eames chairs out to the curb. Apparently it's a really weird redneck thing around here. When fishing season starts this person sets these awesome Eames chairs out on the curb and people take them for fishing chairs! Apparently, according to several people that obviously don't know any better, they are awesome for fishing because they are comfortable and sink into the mud nicely so they don't have to worry about their chairs falling over. When some one takes one of the chairs this person sets another out! I think it's just weird that I've noticed several housebloggers that drool over these chairs and here in southern Indiana, where no one apparently knows what they are, they're used for fishing!

How I found out about this is one of my hubby's friends got one last year and showed up at the river camp with it. I told him it looks like an Eames chair and he informed me he had no idea what that meant, but that it's the most awesome fishing chair ever. So before he buried it in the mud I turned it over and his almost brand new looking "fishing chair" had the original Charles Eames sticker on the bottom! I tried and tried to talk him into giving it to me and he told me no. Repeatedly. And then proceeded to bury it in the mud and sand on the river bank where he used it that one time before the river flooded and took it away.

Does any one else find this really, really odd? Or am I the only one?

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