Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Need some help with exterior colors!!

We are officially getting back to work on the house!! The first big project is painting the exterior trim, and I have no idea what color to choose! Our house is kind of a off white or pale gray color and I'm lost as to what color to use on the trim. My husband pretty much said no to plain white, and would prefer gray. I have no idea what would look good, but I do know that I do not like the black seen around the windows in this picture. And we're not painting the house, just the trim since we will be putting new siding on in the next couple of years.

What color would you paint the trim of an all white house? Would you go bright, neutral, or dark? Would you also paint the gabel face a color that ties the trim to the rest of the house or just leave it white? Also, does any one know any links where I could look at pictures of white houses with color trim? I tried google and that was pretty much pointless...all that it showed were pure white houses with no color or pictures of white houses with black trim.


Betsey Guzior said...

Sherwin-Williams has an exterior paint tool; it was somewhat helpful in my choice. As for a color, go with what makes you happy. I was wavering among greys and neutrals and came across a strong dark blue that I just couldn't resist. Went with white trim, but a green-grey accent will tone it down.

BeccaMarie said...

Thanks for the advice about Sherwin-Williams! I played around with it some and found a color called Halcyon Green that seems perfect!

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