Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Vincennes Railroad Project...ranting

I received a card in the mail today from the T.R.A.I.N. Committee. This is the project that might take our home away from us :( and it pisses me off. I'm ranting cause I'm upset, so sorry if its a litle hard to follow. Vincennes is known for its train problem. Its ridiculous the amount of trains and tracks that run through the city. This problem can very easily be fixed by putting 2 overpasses up in town. One on Hart St and one on 6th st, these are the 2 busiest streets in town. When there is a train there is no way to get through town with out going way out of your way to use highway 41. That would be too easy though, the county solution is to move the tracks out of town. Taking away farm land and hundreds of homes. This is insane. Our home is in one of the proposed corridors. We bought our house in October 2006. We received the first notice of this in January 2007. This notice was telling us to expect a servey request in the mail sometime in the next 2 years and that we will receive a new notice if our house is chosen...WTF? They also said at a recent meeting that everyone needs to calm down because they will give us a very adequate 90 days to relocate. Once again...WTF? It took us 4 months to close on this house, not to mention the year that it took us to find it and the 2 months it took to pack and move. Thats a bit more than 90 days. Plus there will be hundreds or families all looking for housing at the same time.

If you'd like to check this out the website for this disaster is

The address that shows our house is:

We are in the yellow corridor. On state road 61. From what people are saying they have eliminated the purple corridor because it would be too close to SK School. And I believe the green (that may not be the right color) has been eliminated because they would have to pay out billions of dollars to relocate everyone because most of the homes in that area are new construction and the values are from approx. $500,000 and up to millions (the rich folk

I will try to post more on this as I find out about it, but they are only telling us what they want, when they want to. Its been about 6 months from the last notice to this one.

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