Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Kitchen

Since I have never showed the kitchen I figured why not do it today.
I would love to do something with this side of the kitchen but really can't
This is the main area. It needs a lot of work. The "island" is actually a microwave cart serving a new purpose. And all the stuff on the top of the cabinet is a vintage glass collection. Everything from McDonald's and Coke glasses to alcohol bottles and vases. And I love the glass backsplash.
This cabinet will eventually be torn out. All it usually does is serve as a catch all for junk, but we need the storage space so it can't go anywhere yet. I need that little orange stool to reach the top shelf of the cabinets.
This cabinet is the only one original to the house and is most likely the only cabinet that was built with the house. I found out that there were originally pass throughs to the dining room.
Here's the plans for this room:
Tear out the base cabinet where the sink is because its rotting from water damage and have a custom cabinet made
Refinish the upper cabinets. They were made by Mr. Yochum in our garage and are amazing. They are very well made, I just don't like the finish or the pulls.
Tear out that little cabinet and maybe install shelving
Find an island
Tear out the floor and retore the hardwood. Its linoleum with some kind of subfloor with hardwood underneath. The linoleum is stained, cracking and peeling up in some places.
Paint, new curtains, refinish window frames, refinish lower cabinet, put pass throughs back in, remove wallpaper
Add more outlets. There is a power strip, one for the refrigerator and Pet Safe, and one for the microwave. Its enough (the power strip has 6 plug ins), but not in the right places.
Teach the cats to stay out of cabinets and off the counter, stove, refrigerator

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Sandy said...

I'm thinking you are going to have an easier time with all of those things on the list than with the very last item. LOL