Monday, January 7, 2008

Ta-Da! Meet the newest improvement to our house.

This is our newest unexpected purchase for the house. On December 22 James came home around 8pm for a few minutes and and everything was fine at home. then we went out for a little while after I got off work. We got home around midnight and started watching a movie. I thought it was chilly so I put on a sweatshirt. An hour later I was still cold so I got a blanket. Another hour goes by and James is getting cold. So I check the thermostat and its set for 70 but the actual temp was 54! So at 3am we were down in the basement checking it out. Couldn't figure out what was wrong and finally gave up at about 5am. The next day was Sunday, then Christmas eve, Christmas day...still no heat and no one open. At this point we are using space heaters to keep it around 60 degrees and no place is open because of the holidays. The day after Christmas James tried to fix it. The heating guy said it was one of 2 things wrong...either expensive or cheap to fix. Turns out it was the expensive one. so since the furnace was an 80's model we decided to put a new one in instead of fixing it and waiting another year before it says good bye for good. While we were at it we had a new thermostat installed too since the other was really, really old. It cost a fortune (to us anyway) but hopefully will pay off in the long run. This furnace is 95% efficient versus the 85% (heating guy said actually about 60%) that the other was so that will save us a lot. And we get a reimbursement from the gas company.
While I was at it taking this picture I did a video tour of our basement with my new camera (12 mega pixel, HD video...sweet) but I can't get it to load, so I'll try that again later. I have figured out that either my computer or blogger doesn't like high quality pictures. At 6 mega pixel they load fine. At 12 they take forever. I think its blogger because they went onto the computer just fine but are taking forever to upload to blogger.

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