Friday, May 9, 2008

If it's not a boat its not for sale!

We have a boat for sale. We live on a highway and it sits in the front yard with a for sale sign on it. Apparently because we have a boat for sale people assume that everything we own is for sale. I've had offers for the boat, Jeep, Firebird, S10, and our house! I am seriously getting pissed about it. Its like people think that we're a freakin car lot because we own lots of cars. Today some one added a new one to the list. Look at this you see the car trailer?
You can see a little of it between the cars. It sits in our backyard and is barely visible from the highway. I just had some one stop and ask if it's for sale. No, that's why there's no sign on it and it's in the backyard! I told him the boat was for sale and he said he saw that and thought he's stop and see if the trailer was for sale too. WTF??? No, I tell him...that's why it's in the backyard with no for sale sign on it!

Maybe I just don't get the total lack of respect people have around here. Or maybe they're just curious because the cars are outside and not in the garage. Either way, I don't like it. We don't stop at random houses and ask if their stuff is for sale when it's clearly not, and as for the cars not being in the garage...well, it's our property and if we don't want them in the garage they don't have to be. Maybe I just don't understand people. I don't know. We have lots of cars because James likes them. He likes to fix them up, play with them and then sell them. But for the love of God, until one of them sits in the front yard with a "for sale" sign on it I just wish people would only stop if they're interested in the boat. Which is the only thing for sale right now.


Mike said...

I'd put a sign on everything else that says "not for sale". If anyone still stops to ask I give you permission to slap them.

Sandy said...

That sounds like a good idea to me!

sky217 said...

Wow, I think my great great grand parents owned your house! I look forward to following your progress. Not very on topic to your post I guess. :)
- Andy

BeccaMarie said...

Mike-LMAO! Sadly, it may have to come down to that!

Andy-Really? Who were your grandparents?

sky217 said...

My great great grandparents were Joseph and Elizabeth Marter. After reading more of your posts, I think it was actually their son, also Joseph Marter, who lived in your house. I believe you must have been in contact with my Aunt Rose. She is the genealogist in our family. It's nice to see pictures of the house back then and now. I hope you post pictures when you're finished restoring it as well!


BeccaMarie said...

Thats amazing. I have been in contact with Rose. I found her on We will be posting pictures of everything we do here. We are still a little confused about who actually lived here. All we know is that it was Joseph and Elizabeth Marter, but we don't know which one. Or it could have been both because there were 2 residences on the property in 1880.