Thursday, May 29, 2008

Stripper Supplies

HaHa...not that kind of stripper. But hopefully that got my google hits up a little. I just got (hopefully) everything I need to start stripping the woodwork. I wasn't sure what will work the best so I got 2 different kinds of stripper and a bunch of different tools. I already have a heat gun, mask, and glasses.

I'm going to start small though and refinish this mirror and a bookcase before I start on the woodwork in the house.
This mirror is huge. It's like 3 feet high and about 2 and a half feet wide and it came with the house. It has a stamp on the back that says the glass was plated on 9/25/59 and packed on 2/17/60. When it's done it's going to go in the living room over the couch. And anchored really, really good in case of another earthquake. I'm going to stain it dark like all the other wood in the house but maybe with a reddish tint.

I figured I'd start small so I can figure out what I'm doing and not ruin any of the original wood baseboards, doorframes, doors, or floors. I am hoping to do the mirror tomorrow and I'll post pics if I do.

And I figured out how useless people who work at Lowes are. I had a $10 off $50 purchase so I got all the stripping stuff there. They were friendly, but when I asked about something specific they led me to the area and said "there they are" and then left me to search for about 20 minutes for what I needed (it was in a box that had been pushed back on the bottom shelf). Now I see why so many people get frustrated there.


Karl said...

Refinishing wood furniture and trim is very labor intensive.It is possible to revitalize a scratched or dull finish without having to completely remove the existing finish. I recommend doing this only if the wood species is rare or if the woodwork has historical value.

If you decide to go ahead with the project, many businesses specialize in this type of work and will give you advice for a small fee. The small cost for excellent advice can avoid very costly mistakes and save time and frustration.

Greg said...

Starting with the mirror is a good plan. I've stripped tons of woodwork in my house. I mostly start with the heatgun and finish up with the chemicals. Even when it comes time to work on the house woodwork, start in an out of the way place.

Good luck!

Sherry @ Young House Love said...

Ooh I can't wait to see how it comes out! Keep us posted.

We also wondered if you wouldn't mind updating your outgoing blogroll link from TYH to our new name/site: Young House Love (

And definitely check out the dramatic reason for the url change if you haven't already:

Thanks a million!

Sherry (& John)

Anonymous said...

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