Friday, September 14, 2007

Can I Get Some Tile PLEASE!?!

I hate our bathroom. Its so bad I won't even post a picture of it. We ripped out the carpet the first night here because out of curiosity we pulled up a corner and saw blood on the underside. A LOT of blood. It had to go. Immediately. Since them we have had a bare unfinished hardwood floor, with the whole "I'll tile it next weekend" from the hubby. Its been 11 months almost to the day, and still no tile. We have the tile. But its still in the boxes. Not very productive, huh? In the meantime, our wood floors are being destroyed and I hate it. The shower leaks, the cats keep throwing litter all over the floor (I think they're trying to tell me something and I can't figure it out) and we walk all over it every day. I decided I am going to make James tile that damn floor this weekend. One way or another he's going to do it. (it probably won't happen but I like to think I have that kind of power) I decided this today when the shower sprang a massive leak and when I got home from work the litter box was emptied all over the floor yet again. I am tired of mopping and slowly scrubbing the floor with a brush to get the kitty litter out of the cracks ( I can only work for about 10 minutes at a time) If we get the tile down all that will be soooo much easier to clean up. I would like to do something with the shower and get the litter box out of the bathroom, but we don't have the money for the shower and there really is no where else for the litter box. If I can figure out why they're throwing the litter then it won't be so bad to have it in there.

We do have a plan for the bathroom, but a massive lack of money. The shower is going to be replaced by a tub, the floors are going to be refinished, and a lot of other things are going to change. Pretty much the room will be gutted...but until we win the lottery (or get vehicles payed off) I'll just have to settle for tile over the wood and continue to search for an effective way to keep the water in the shower and the kitty litter off the floor. By the way...I'm open to suggestion on either.

I'll make sure to post Monday about how it went. And maybe pictures if it does get done. They'll be pretty scary though...I have nightmares about the blue Formica walls. And the flooding on the floor. And the litter box exploding. Yeah, its that bad!

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