Monday, September 17, 2007

No tile, but solved the case of the litter box bandit!

On my last post I stated that the bathroom floor would be tiled this weekend. Did not happen. I also mentioned the litter box being emptied onto the happened 2 more times over the weekend, but we finally got to the bottom of it. Socks! Our adorable little Shih-Tzu decided to play...and then sleep in the freakin litter box! He got in trouble, got a bath, and got a kennel! We put a kennel in our living room for him for when we're sleeping or not home. I hate to do that to him, but thats disgusting! I have no idea why he's doing that! And it just started...he never did that before! So now that we have this massive kennel taking up our living room I'm hoping this doesn't happen again. The floor didn't get tiled because it was wet most of the weekend. I'd clean it up, we'd leave for a while and it'd happen again. So maybe it'll get done next weekend.

In other news we went to a housewarming party this weekend. One of James friends just got moved into his house and had a party. It was a lot of fun, and a beautiful house needing absolutely no work. I'm a little jealous! Actually it needs one thing...a wall between the master bedroom and bathroom! There is no wall at all...its like having a toilet in the bedroom...kinda disturbing. The owner named it the "voyeur room" because when you sit on the toilet you see everything in the room and when you are in the bedroom part all you want to look at is the toilet. Weird. As you can imagine it was the topic of many discussions. Mainly the advantages (number one being when you're drunk you don't have to leave the room or mess with doors) and us girls pointed out the bad (there's so many I won't list). And we donated our vacuum to him since he has carpet upstairs and no vacuum, and we have a vacuum and no carpet. The weird thing is I almost looked at this house before we bought ours. Decided not to see the inside because the asking price at that time was just way too high. Instead we decided to buy a house that cost a ton less, but we're probably going to have to invest as much money into as what that house cost. Oh well...we love our old house even though it needs a ton of work. It'll be beautiful again some day and until then we are living here just fine.

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