Sunday, September 23, 2007

Look at all that beautiful woodwork

I decided to post some pictures of our living room today. This is one room that really doesn't need too much work, but I love all the woodwork so I thought I'd share. Just ignore the mismatched hand me down furniture and all the clutter (I'm working on it)
The door on the left goes to the front bedroom, and the door on the right goes outside (obviously) and has the original doorbell. Both have the transoms with original hardware and are fully functioning. The ceiling fan is going to be traded for something more appropriate.

The door on the left is for the bathroom (used to be a porch thats why the door has a window), the middle door goes to the dining room, and the door on the right goes to the bedroom. Again, all transoms work and have original hardware. You can also see the tall baseboards with spindles.
This is going to be the biggest project in this room (besides redoing the plaster on the wall behind that couch). The wood is 2 colors because the floor was stained a deep brown to match the door and window framing, but there was a linoleum rug in here (actually in all the rooms) and the stain is faded in a huge square in the middle of the room. All the scratches are thanks to Cledus and Socks (Lab and Shih-Tzu) running through the house.

I really can't get a picture of the entire room because the ceilings are about 12' and the doors are about 10'...and the room is about 15'x15'. There is also a window on the only wall not shown and it matches the rest of the framing and is nearly floor to ceiling. I didn't take a picture of that wall because of the t.v., kennel, and can't really see anything but that. And it is annoying to have 5 doors off one really limits the furniture placement and there is only 1 outlet so that doesn't help much either.

The plans for this room are to refinish floors, redo the plaster on 1 wall, replace ceiling fan, and add at least 2 more outlets. And maybe paint it something other than bright white. Also, down the road the window is going to be restored (stripped, glazed, and stained...we are keeping all the original windows but they need a LOT of work)

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I love the transoms and how lucky the hardware is still there and works. The windows are painstakingly hard to do but really worth it. I just keep chugging away at ours. Most are done and I'm so proud I still have original windows instead of vinyl like the neighbors. But it was so much work! You really have some great features in your house!