Sunday, September 23, 2007

A victorian closet

I thought while I was showing off the woodwork in the living room today, I'd also show off my closet. I absolutely fell in love with this when we toured the house the first time. Its a floor to ceiling armoire-style closet, with tons of detail.
The inside is basic and its barely deep enough to fit the hangers, and I have to have a ladder to get into the top half...but I still love it! And all those clothes are mine...there's no room for any of James in there!
This is the latch. I really want to clean it up. Both locks still work, and the detail is beautiful. We are going to have this closet replicated as close as possible in the second bedroom where there is currently no closet. We need something in there and figured why not go with the same thing we already have.


Christine said...

I would've fallen in love with it too, that's awesome!

This Old Erie House said...

I'm loving it!

BeccaMarie said...

Thanks...I'm not going to refinish it either. I like the reddish tint on it. The only thing I want to change about it is clean up the hardware. As soon as I figure out an easy way to do it.

Doug K said...

The brass hardware looks almost original. It may be in fact brass-plated cast iron. Check it with a magnet. Often the original finish was, they brass-plated the cast iron, then painted the whole thing with black paint, and rubbed it off while it was still wet, leaving black paint in the low spots, and the brass finish on the high spots. The only cleaning I would do is with dish soap and water and a soft toothbrush, to get the grease and/or tobacco stains of the ages off. Don't use anything harsh, or you'll start to go through the brass plating (if that's what it is.)