Thursday, September 6, 2007

Interior Stain vs. Deck Stain

I came up with a crazy idea last week...using deck stain and seal indoors. I think this would be great, but I guess I'm the only one because I can't find anything about it anywhere. I would just do it, but safety wise I'm just not sure. Here's why we are considering it

Water rains and snows here and wet shoes in the house are common. I also spill things and we have a puppy (meaning sometimes he has accidents)

Fade resistant....This room has 3 large windows and 3 doorways, which means a lot of sun

Scratch/scuff resistant...Things get dropped, our pets drag their toys (and the puppy drags his metal food bowl for the fun of it), they also have nails that have pretty much stripped our living room floor already from running though the house, and this room is really high traffic since its the center of the house

Mold resistant...I can't figure out how to fix it yet, but we have a mold issue. Its the biggest problem in the kitchen (if a dish gets left overnight its got mold by morning), but we'll be eating in this room and I'm really worried about it. Plus a previous renter had a big problem with it on floors and walls (we'll probably be using bathroom/kitchen paint on the walls in all rooms because of it)

But the interior stain I looked at says its scratch and fade resistant, I'm just not sure how good it really is. I got samples to try it out before we go all the way.

I got plenty of time to think about it though. I've been in a lot of pain here lately so all work has come to a screeching halt. The carpet has been laid back over the floor (not held down, just there) to protect the floor until I'm feeling better again. It sucks, but I can't really do anything about it.


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