Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Renovation To-Do List

Here is a list of all the things I want to do to our house. Pending Knox County's decision on the tracks (see rant...I really don't want to explain again or I might cry) it is my top 20:

1. Pull carpet out of bathroom Done

2. Renovate formica walls for drywall, tile, trade stand up shower for tub, etc.

3. Renovate kitchen, well kinda... I really don't want to gut it. Tear out linoleum, refinish floor, find a way to make the stove fit that not in front of a floor to ceiling window, and refinish cabinets...may have to be gutted after all

4.Renovate dining room...remove drop ceiling, cheap paneling, carpet, redo shotty electric, remove florescent light.

5. Redo plaster support wall in living room...plaster is in such bad shape I accidently hit it with my elbow and it crumbled, so now there's a small hole

6. Find replacment hardware for transom window in door to 2nd bedroom

7. Find the original attic opening...we think its in the dining room ceiling Done...Discovered there is no other opening, just the small square that doesn't fit the style of our house

8. Replace storm doors in front

9. Fix the original door push a button and it actually rings a bell on the other side how cool is that!

10. Refinish all floors

11. Move washer and dryer to basement Decided against because I can't open the trap door

12. Renovate the backporch which is now a laundry room and our main entry to the house, and is in such bad shape you could see outside in a couple of places (fixed that with a can of spray foam)

13. Fix morter in the brick foundation

14. Figure out why the front bedroom is so drafty...and fix it

15. Repair the back side of the barn, and the sides

16. Level the backyard where laterals were replaced (got first load of dirt) Added 3 more loads

17. Regravel the driveway (got a load of rock already)

19. Build an armoir style closet in 2nd bedroom that matches the one in Master bedroom

20. LEARN TO STOP PROCRASTINATING!!! My husband just call it being lazy!

By the way, I'm still working on pics...I haven't been able to find my memory card reader since I moved here and I need to get a new card so I don't download all 200 pics I have on my camera everytime I add a new pic. About ready to steal DH camera because our computer will read his card but not mine (damn smart media) and he hardly ever takes any pictures.


marye said...

Eminent domain really stinks. :/ We have dealt with some of these threats as well and I hope that you can prevail.
I look forwatd to seeing your pictures!!

BeccaMarie said...

Thanks..I'm sorry you've had the same problems. Hopefully you've come out on top. I am off work 3 days next week and one way or another I will have some pics on here, so you'll have to check it out again. I hate explaining everything in detail so you can imagine what I'm talking about. Its easier to just show a pic :)