Tuesday, August 28, 2007

An interesting trip to the Zoo (long post, sorry no pics)

This is the first chance I've had to post since Friday. I actually learned some more things about our house over the weekend from someone who rented it before we bought it. The girl works with James and we saw them at the Zoo saturday night The Zoo is actually Kazoo's...a bar/club locally known as the zoo because people can get a little wild there...lots of fights, drunk people acting crazy, people can dance in a cage or a balcony and its always entertaining. Not really our thing though so we don't go there much. Anyway, we saw this girl there and while she didn't really want to talk about the time that she lived here, she did and we learned a lot.

Like my header says, we've had some strange things happen here. Starting the day we closed. I came in at night to start cleaning (it didn't need much, mainly dusting) and the house was cracking and popping and made some weird sounds. When James got off work he brought a friend over here and they asked how it's been going. I told them the house is settling and they both laughed! They both agreed the house is done settling and have no idea what I heard.

Next, we had lived here for a few weeks and James went to play paintball, leaving me here by myself. I was in bed and I heard a very distinct, deep manly voice say "there's some one at the door" I sat straight up in bed. Our dog was going nuts running from the bedroom to the front door (which we don't use) I looked at him and sayed "is there some one there Cledus" he yipped and took off for the soor again. I got up...no one there! No one in the drive, outside at a neighbors and no cars on the road.

Then James and I were asleep in bed and I heard a woman talking. James rolled over and told me to shut up. I said you heard that? he said yeah, now stop talking and go back to sleep. I wasn't talking, there was no one else here and the t.v. and radios were all off.

The stereo in the dining room has come on all by its self on stations that we don't listen to.

The other night when I started tearing up the carpet I wanted to listen to 89.1 on the radio. It wouldn't come in so I was listening to 91.1 I had to keep unpluging the radio and moving it to move the carpet. Every single time I turned it back on it was on 89.1! I set it back to 91.1, unplug, move, plug it back in, and its on 89.1 again!

Well, the girl that used to live here sayed that they heard things too. The t.v. and radio would turn off and on by themselves, and she saw Mrs. Yochum when she was doing laundry one day! She said they used the dining room as a living room. It has a window that looks out at the dryer. She said she was taking clothes out of the dryer and looked up at that window and saw a little old lady with white hair sitting in a chair! Luckily we haven't had anything like that happen...that would freak me out!

Now on to the house stuff. I asked her if some one had kicked a door in. She started laughing and sayed "yeah, the back door, did they replace it?" I said "no, the dining room" she said "uh, no the dining room door was fine...wait, what does the door look like?" I told her its white on one side and stained on the other, she started laughing again and said that they swithched the doors. The dining room and the back door have been switched, but at least they left us with all the original doors. She said that her brother and her both kicked the door...and then her new boyfriend said he did too!

We also have big faded squares in the center of every room. We thought from area rugs, and never mentioned it to her. She brought it up though. She said that when they moved in there were big squares of linoleum blocks in every room. She said they were beautiful, perfect squares complete with padding underneath! She told us she came home from work one day and her boyfriend had ripped evry one up, but the front bedroom! I can't belive that! She told us she cried for 2 days because they were either original to the house, or had been there for many, many years because they were real linoleum like they don't make any more. I wanted to cry when she told us! Then it sank in that she said it was still in the front bedroom, I told her that its not there any more. Apparently the Yochum family decided to rip it up too to make the house look whole. She about cried. I gotta find out if she has any pictures of it.

We also got explanations for the cracked formica on the bathroom walls ("using the bathroom and a fist came flying above my head") the Southern Comfort bottles ("he drank a lot") and the blood on the carpet (no explanation...knew about it, but didn't want to talk about it) She also said she had a mold problem and used bleach on the plaster on a daily basis...I don't know much about plaster but I think it doesn't mix well with bleach so we may have more problems down the road. She also told us her rent was only $400 a month...If you figure it up we over payed but I'm ok with that. It appraised for way more than what we paid.

Thats all I got for now...going to go clean out the shed to see if I can find anything to put in the yard sale.

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do you remember the little boy in the computer room. even your dad saw him one night.but when he got there it was empty and it had never been turned on.thats why he said no to putting it in that room no explaination just no.still think its kinda cute but freaky at the time. maybe thats what you have going on.----mom