Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A little history about our house

I just realized that I have never really posted much about the history of our house. So here goes. The first owners were Joseph F. and Elizabeth Marter. Our house is shown on an 1880 plat map as a survey for J.F. Marter. All land at that time was either survey or donation. A member of the Marter family e-mailed me a picture of the house from about 1850. It looks nothing like the house does today. Well, a little maybe. The courthouse has a building permit on file from 1890. We believe this was when the house we currently live in was built. Joseph Marter passed away in 1936 and left the house to his wife. She then moved into Vincennes and kept the house (empty as far as any one seems to know) until 1941. It was then sold to Leo and Cecelia Yochum. Leo passed away in 1993 and Cecelia remained in this house. She was very well know for playing cards and was a devout Catholic. She left the property to her children and they rented it out for a while before putting it on the market. We looked made the appointment to look at the house on 6/6/6, and actually looked at it on 6/7/6. (I refused to look at it on 6/6/6...I'm a little superstitious) We made our offer on June 7, 2006 and it was accepted a few days later. After finding a lot of problems that had to be fixed before closing, we were finally able to close October 13, 2006. Yes, that was Friday the 13th. An omen? We sure hope not. I'll post more about the previous owners as I find out things. Not much is known about the Marter family because they pretty much left this area after Elizabeth passed away. However, one of the Yochum children lives 2 houses down from us, so I should be able to find out plenty about them and anything that they did to the house while they had it.

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