Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Vacuum not working? Rip out the carpet!

OMG...what have I done?! OK so earlier tonight I vacuumed the dining room. Its the only room in our house that has carpet and we keep saying we're going to pull it out. Well the vacuum got really hot and wasn't sucking anything up so I checked it out and found enough fur to make an animal. That's nasty. Really, really nasty. I love our pets, but eeeewwwww! So I started tearing up the carpet. I called James first to make sure he wouldn't freak out about it. 2 hours later I'm now regretting it.
I found this under the nasty black stuff under the underpadding. Its the 9 of spades. Mrs. Yochum, the previous owner, loved cards. So much that its even mentioned in her obituary. I have had several people tell me that they played cards with her here. This is the only thing we have found in the house so far that has belonged to the Yochums. I think its kinda cool.
This was the start of the destruction of the carpet. That is the carpet, Mohawk underpadding, some nasty black stuff (whats there is all that I've found of it) and the bare floor. It looks like they stripped the floor before putting carpet over it. And if you look close you can see the floor is laid a different direction than the next room. The dining room and kitchen are laid this way and the other rooms are the other direction. I have no idea why.
See the beautiful unfinished hardwood? You gotta look around the adorable little dog. I did a little Redneck DIY...the tools I used were a Craftsman grill scraper, a pair of side cuts, hammer, carpet knife, and a Tupperware canister to hold the nails and staples. Not ideal, but got got it done. Now I have to wait for James to get home because I can't move any of the furniture. Not taking any chance of re-injuring myself. Oh...the cute little dog is our Shih-Tzu Socks. He was a wedding gift from a friend.
That's all I got for now...more to come though. By the way, does any one know what kind of wood that is? I have no idea. But I like that its already sanded...saves us a lot of money!

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This Old Erie House said...

The wood on the right looks like heartpine (southern yellow pine.) Can't tell on the left side. Very cute dog! You are lucky there is no finish under the carpeting. That makes it so much easier to finish. Our's had shellac under it and the foam backing of the carpet was embedded in it. Yucky mess.