Thursday, February 21, 2008


I decided that I am tired of hearing James complain that he can't find any thing in the kitchen. Its his excuse for everything food related. Such as "I wanted to take my lunch to work today but I can't find the plastic bowls", or "I would have made it but I can't find the lid to the skillet". And my favorite "You were hiding that!" to which my response is always "it was in the front of the cabinet" and his is always "which cabinet?" So yesterday I ordered these...

I am hoping that writing what's inside the cabinet on the outside of it will end all that. These are about the coolest things ever. They are eraseable, removable, reusable, and come with the chalk! I ordered 2 sets because we have a lot of cabinets and some have more than one thing in them. For example spices only take up 1 shelf so I put the waffle iron, toaster, and food processor in there too. Hopefully this will work. It kind of seems like I'm teaching a kid where all the stuff is, but I'm not getting through any other way and I'm tired of being accused of stashing the Oreos...when they are in the same place everytime!