Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More Dining Room Progress

The tiles are all out! I'm covered in itchy dust from them, and socks keeps eating the little pieces that crumbled and fell to the floor, but they are now out. I'm getting ready to take down the cross tee's but I can't take the actual framing down until James gets home and takes the light out.

The blue lines are chalk. I also found out that this is an Armstrong Intergrid suspension ceiling.

I got these yesterday at Gordman's for $3 each. I'm going to use them to cover 3 small holes in the wall in the laundry room.

More dining room pictures to come...James should have the light out and the chandelier up tonight. Then tomorrow I get to take out the frame and the paneling. And then comes the agonizing process of picking out paint. I hate picking paint...I want color, James wants off white, so I have to find something that makes us both happy.


Christine said...

Wow, taking that ceiling down must make the room seem much bigger.

BeccaMarie said...

It does make it seem a LOT bigger...and it actually makes every room off that one seem bigger too because when you look through the transom windows you doen't see that ceiling anymore.

Aimee said...

that is going to make it so much nicer. and i love the little laundry signs too! what a great deal!