Friday, February 15, 2008

To Do List

This is the new (much bigger) list. I'll probably be adding more later. And it will probably take years to do all this because we're just taking it one room at a time to not feel overwhelmed by it. Except the windows. Since they have to be removed completely from the house they will be done as the weather allows.

House in General (Inside)
  1. Refinish all windows (including glazing)
  2. Paint
  3. Refinish door frames that need it
  4. Find a way to remove paint overspray from baseboards and framings, then retouch. If that doesn't work out, then refinish all
  5. Refinish floors
  6. Replace ceiling fans with newer models. Currently they are all probably 70's-90's models.
Dining Room
  1. Remove drop ceiling
  2. Install new light fixture and wiring
  3. Repair plaster on ceiling
  4. Remove paneling
  5. Repair plaster if needed
  6. Finish removing carpet
  7. Put the pass throughs back in
  8. Have new top pieces made for all window and door frames
  9. Find (or have made) replacement door and transom for door to kitchen

Living Room

  1. Replace wall where woodstove used to be


  1. Repair plaster where needed

Front Bedroom (Guest/Game Room)

  1. Replace light fixture


  1. Refinish cabinets
  2. Find period appropriate hardware to match original cabinets
  3. Tear out sink base unit
  4. Have a custom base unit made that matches original cabinets
  5. Build or find an island
  6. Tear out little cabinet by door
  7. Relocate freetanding cabinet by refridgerator, put shelving in its place
  8. Tear out linoleum and subfloor like stuff under it
  9. Remove all wallpaper


  1. Replace formica walls with drywall
  2. Replace stand up shower with tub
  3. Refinish linen closet
  4. Replace floor under shower (shower leaks so I 'm sure this will be needed)
  5. Have large mirror on wall framed and possibly relocated to another room. The mirror is about 5'x4'...I might be a little off, but not much. Its huge.
  6. Insulate. There is currently NO insulation

Laundry Room/ Rear Entry

  1. Replace walls. (They are plywood pieces, with big cracks between each piece)
  2. Level floor
  3. Paint the cabinets so they match
  4. Insulate...again, no insualtion right now
  5. Find a way to place the cabinets so there is more room.
  6. Replace trap door with something as sturdy, but not as heavy


  1. Fix floor
  2. Put hole in floor for sump pump. (sitting on the floor its still leaving about an inch of water)
  3. Repair foundation


  1. Paint smokehouse
  2. Figure out how to bring the corner back together so there is not a huge gaping hole
  3. Level backyard
  4. New gravel in driveway
  5. Fill in the holes clementine has dug out
  6. Install another T post for a clothes line (there's already 1 there)
  7. Remove a large branch from a tree so it doesn't put a hole in the roof
  8. Repair the back side of the barn

House (Outside)

  1. Remove shingle siding
  2. Restore original wood siding
  3. Repair/replace window trim
  4. New screen doors (hopefully wood)
  5. New transom screens (No more birds between the doors!)
  6. Paint
  7. Replace wooden front porch steps

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Jennifer said...

Good list! That will keep you busy for a while. I always find it helps to write things down.