Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Inside the Ceiling

Yesterday I posted a picture of the ceiling in the dining room and it didn't look too bad which gave me a lot of hope. Which quickly went away. After James got home yesterday he brought a ladder in and got up there to take a better look. He looked back down at me and said "How bout we just put the tiles back in place and act like there's nothing wrong?" That was not what I wanted to hear. So I got up on the ladder and this was the first thing that caught my eye...
The first words out of my mouth were not pretty or lady-like. Why did they do that? James said "come on lets just put the tiles back and act like its not there" Are you kidding me? And let the house burn down? I don't think so! The suspension part of the drop ceiling has made the entire ceiling look like this...
The cracks make huge squares in the ceiling. And where the screws are at there are nice holes where the plaster is crumbling around them. Great.
This is the whole space. You can kind of see the squares in the actual ceiling. I told James no band-aids, this ceiling is coming out. So thats the plan for the weekend. Since we're on a kind of tight budget I don't know when the actual ceiling will be repaired, or when the tops of the frames will be replaced (3 doors and 3 windows were all removed) but the drop will be removed and a new light fixture put in.

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