Monday, February 4, 2008

No Dining Room Today

The panel removal has come to a screeching halt for today because of this
That is the corner of the drop ceiling. You can see that the paneling goes into the ceiling. The problem here is that we we not going to remove that yet. I couldn't figure out why the panel wouldn't come off the wall so I had to get a step ladder and get up there and see (I can't look up long enough to tell what the problem was). When I saw this a long stream of dirty words followed. The dogs went running . It was so bad. The good news is this...
I held the camera up and took the picture blind, but it came out good. This is the actual ceiling. the reason we were not going to remove the drop yet was because we weren't sure how it looked up there. I'd say it looks pretty good from here. Granted, it is a small part but it gives me hope. So until I find out if James wants to go ahead and remove the drop ceiling, no panels will be coming down. Which makes me sad. I'm ready to get it done!


Linda@eriesargonaut said...

I'm looking forward to seeing how that ceiling turns out. It will be great to have the high ceilings that were meant to be there.

Jennifer said...

Yeah on the good looking high ceiling!