Monday, February 11, 2008


Saturday was an interesting day for us. I planned on James removing the drop ceiling, and instead he planned to go to Washington and get an outdoor dog kennel. It was free as long as we took the dog with it. No problem. Its an outdoor dog and very shy and timid so we thought it would give Clemintine some one to play with. We thought wrong. When we got home the dog didn't want to get out of the truck. I finally got her to get down on her own, and she hit the ground running! She took off accross the backyard, stopped to sniff the neighbors Shih-Tzu's and was gone. I tried to catch her and almost caught up when she was checking out the other dogs but she took off again and disappeared. Completely gone! So we got in my car and went looking for her. We live in the country and are surrounded by fields. You can see a long way right now and she wasn't anywhere. So after an hour of checking out fields and leaving our phone numbers with every one that lives within about a mile of our house we got back in the truck and went back to Washington to get her doghouse. And tell the guy we lost her. That was horrible! I have never lost a dog before! He was understanding though, except he said that he had never seen the dog run before! Never! He didn't even know that she could run like that! So her house is sitting in our backyard, and she is still no where around. I feel really bad about it because I have never had this happen before. We're still hoping that she comes back, but we don't think she will.

After all that the day was wasted so we stayed home and played basketball on X Box and waited for the dog all night. Nothing else got done. And its now Monday and the dog still isn't back. Today's plan is to finish cleaning up the disaster in the 2nd bedroom. Next weekend we are going to take down the drop ceiling. I can't wait to get it down, I think the room will look bigger and that musty mildew smell that showed up when we opened it up will be gone again.


Jennifer said...

Here's a trick for getting her back... it's kind of gross, but many in rescue SWEAR by it.

Take a raw chicken and tie a string around it. Start dragging it on the ground around your house... start right by the dog house and trace larger and larger circles around your house. Get pretty far away... like half mile, then make a few larger circles. The dog may follow the trail back. You can use cooked chicken, but it may not work as well.

Also, place a full food and water dish in the dog house.

Finally, let your local animal control know, and possibly borrow/rent a live trap from them. Set it up near your house... ravines are great.

Good luck!

BeccaMarie said...

I don't know about the chicken, we have a lot of coyotes around here and I don't want to attract them. I hadn't thought about the live trap...we already have one of them (we're a little redneck around here) and I will definately give that a try. I already talked to the Pet Port and they said they will give us a call if she shows up there. The Pet Port is an animal shelter where they take all found cats and dogs. And we already have food and water set up just like she had it at her other home and put it away from our other outdoor dog so she won't be scared to go to it.